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Military Accident Claims

If you've been involved in a military accident, you might be able to claim compensation.

Military personnel have the same right to compensation as anyone else

As a Ministry of Defence employee, you have the same rights as anyone not working for the Army, Navy or Royal Air Force.

That means, if your employer’s negligence has caused you an injury, you could be eligible to make a work accident claim.

We can help you start your military accident claim, or give you the advice you need.

We can provide you with free advice over the phone about making a military accident claim. We have 22 years' experience of working with accident claims.

During your call, we can tell you if we think you are eligible to claim compensation, and answer any questions you might have about making a claim.

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What can we help you claim for?

If you’re still employed by the armed forces, we can still help you.

Many members of the armed forces, including civilian employees, have made military injury claims in the past decade for various injuries sustained in action, or in training, including injuries that occurred when they were off duty.

As long as the accident took place within the last three years, and was the fault of somebody else’s negligence or error, then it’s likely you can make a compensation claim.

As a member of the armed forces, you are regularly exposed to very dangerous environments and situations that have the potential to cause you and your colleagues serious injury.  But that doesn’t mean you’re not entitled to compensation when an accident happens that isn't your fault. This is because, by imposing strict safety guidelines and training, most accidents are avoidable.

If you’ve not received the correct training or safety guidelines and have been injured because of this, you may be able to make a claim.

Perhaps you were injured during one of these situations:

  • Explosive training

  • Using fault guns or combat equipment

  • Being exposed to dangerous chemicals

  • Parachute jumping

  • Playing sports

  • Driving heavy goods vehicles

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 

If you've had, or are currently experiencing, the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) you may be able to claim.

We know that, following a military injury, you could be experiencing PTSD, and that this can lead to depression, panic attacks, nightmares or flashbacks and severe feelings of survivor’s guilt.

We can help you make a claim for your PTSD and the effects it’s having on your life. Call us today for a free and confidential chat on  0800 376 01500800 376 0150  or visit our PTSD claims page for more information.

Did your injury happen before May 1987? 

If your accident and injury happened before May 1987, then we are unable to help you claim.

The Crown Proceedings Act prevents military accident claims being made for injuries sustained before this date.

This act has affected many armed forces personnel who were exposed to asbestos before May 1987 and are now unable to claim compensation for their related illness or injuries. 

Why make a military accident claim? 

If you've suffered a military injury, we realise this might force you to take time off work. It might even mean you need to take early redundancy and retrain in a new, civilian career.

If this is the case, and your injury was someone else's fault, you could claim compensation for the loss of earnings you've suffered, as well as for your injury.

If you were injured because of unsafe practices at work, or because of a lack of training, you could prevent others from experiencing what you have.

If you make a claim, the responsible party will be contacted about your claim and this will highlight the hazard to them. This might encourage them to take measures which end up safeguarding others.

What to expect when you claim with us

When you start your claim with us, you’ll speak to one of our legally trained advisors. They’re on hand to answer any questions you might have about claiming for your military accident in a confidential and no pressure phone call.

If they think you have a claim, they’ll let you know and ask your permission to put you in contact with a specialist solicitor. At this point, you can still say 'no' to claiming, and we’ll keep your data safe.

If you say 'yes', we’ll put you in contact with a solicitor who has experience working with claims like yours.

They’ll then be on hand throughout your claim to answer any questions you have, and to negotiate your compensation on your behalf.

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