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Claims in Yorkshire


We helped more than 5,400 people from Yorkshire in 2012 alone.

Yorkshire is the UK’s biggest county, covering more than 6,000 square miles. To make sure help is never too far away, 11 of our solicitor firms are based in Yorkshire.

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Compensation claims in Yorkshire & the facts

As is the case with most other parts of the UK, there are more road accident claims made in Yorkshire than any other type of claim. This means claims made by passengers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists as well as drivers.

Interestingly, in 2012 in Yorkshire, more injured pedestrians contacted us than people injured while travelling on public transport - the first year that this has happened.

The next biggest ‘type’ of claim is work accident claims – those relating to injuries sustained as a result of an employer’s actions (or lack of actions). Injury claims made after a slip or trip at work accounted for 28% of all of the work accident claims made in Yorkshire between 2006 and 2012.

Within Yorkshire, we’ve helped more people from Sheffield than any other part of the county, followed by Leeds.

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Stats based on National Accident Helpline data

If you’ve had an accident at work then, aside from it being a painful and unpleasant experience, you may have significantly lost out financially, perhaps needing to take time off work or quitting your job altogether.