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Katie suffered with appendicitis which went undiagnosed for 17 days. We hear from Katie and her mum, Julie, about what they went through and how National Accident Helpline was able to help.

Appendicitis can be a serious illness, but typically it’s not too difficult to diagnose for trained medical professionals. However, when 19-year-old Katie showed all the signs and symptoms of the condition, her doctors failed to recognise them, and the blunder meant she not only had to suffer through severe pain, but also incurred potentially life-changing after effects.


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When Katie went to hospital in November 2011 with chronic abdominal pain and a high temperature, doctors should have carried out tests for appendicitis straight away. Instead, she was passed around various members of staff, who gave Katie and her mother a variety of confusing diagnoses. The true nature of her condition wasn’t discovered for 17 days – causing over two weeks of physical and emotional stress for Katie and her family.

Unfortunately, Katie was diagnosed too late to enjoy a full recovery. Her appendix had already burst and wrapped around one of her fallopian tubes - damaging an ovary, impacting her fertility and reducing her chances of conceiving naturally in the future.

In a matter of weeks Katie’s life had changed considerably, and it wasn’t her fault. So, her mother called National Accident Helpline, and we put the family in touch with a specialist medical negligence solicitor. Katie was awarded compensation that could be used towards IVF treatment, should she need help to start a family in the future. And, importantly, she received a letter of apology from the hospital, reinstalling some trust in a medical system that had let her down.

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