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Sofa Burn Compensation

Faulty or 'toxic' sofas have led to thousands of sofa burns - you may be entitled to claim.

Sofa burn claims

The sofa rash or 'toxic sofa' story became big news in the summer of 2008, when imported leather sofas from China were treated with an anti-mould chemical; great for the sofas but not so for the people sitting on them as the toxic chemical caused rashes, burns and blisters to the sitter.

If you have been affected by one of these faulty or 'toxic' leather sofas then you may be able to make a claim for sofa burn compensation. In particular, if your sofa rash has caused you to take time off work, resulted in a loss of earnings, caused you to pay medical bills, or if your 'toxic sofa' injuries have caused you pain or discomfort.

In the 2008 incident it was possible that up to 50,000 households could have been sold a faulty or 'toxic' sofa, and many from popular high street outlets. It was thought to be the largest group litigation for a faulty consumer goods the UK has seen, after many thousands of people were given the go ahead to claim compensation after a Group Litigation Order was made.

In some cases the sofa rash was so severe that it led to a skin condition called dermatitis, also known as eczema.

The amount of compensation you are awarded is based on your injuries and determined by an independent medical report, as well as the length of time it took to recover.

Make a claim for a sofa rash

If you believe you could be suffering from a sofa burn or sofa rash then call or claim online and we’ll call you back quickly to offer advice and help guide you in your sofa rash claim.

Perhaps you’ve been suffering from a rash or eczema like symptoms for a while with no explanation; it is worth investigating the make and purchase date of your sofa to see if it matches any of the faulty sofas, and then giving us a call.

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