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We can help you

Whether you're the person who has suffered sight loss, or somebody reading on their behalf, we can help you understand your legal position and whether you're entitled to financial compensation today.

We know that nobody expects to be blinded in an accident that wasn't their fault and that the shock of losing your sight, partially, temporarily or completely can be devastating and life-changing.

While we can't fully understand the sense of loss you might be feeling, we can help you get the apology and financial support you need to help with the challenges you might be facing.

If you're ready to talk about your experience, or the experience of a loved one, please contact us today for free on . Your call is confidential and we will never pressure you to make a claim.

While we've listed some examples below of the types of accidents that can cause sight loss, there really is no ‘typical' accident or negligent act that can cause you to lose your sight. So if you've experienced an accident type that isn't listed below, it's likely we can still help.

Car Accident

Nobody really expects to have their vision effected by a car accident, and yet this injury is scarily possible.

If your vision has been impaired or lost because you were involved in a car accident which wasn't your fault, then we can help you. This includes accidents where your face and eye area suffered trauma leading to a partial or permanent loss of sight, or where the airbag inflated leading to debris or foreign objects to enter your eye.

Paul suffered a serious eye injury and loss of sight following a car accident that he was a passenger in. Find out how he found the process of contacting us.

Paul's story

Paul suffered a serious eye injury and loss of sight following a car accident that he was a passenger in. Find out how he found the process of contacting us.

Accidents at work and exposure to bright lights

Unfortunately, some working environments can be particularly dangerous for your eyes. Your safety is often in the hands of your employer and those working around you, and it's important that the correct safety equipment is provided for you.

Your employer is required by law to try and keep you as a safe as possible at work - this includes providing you with the correct safety equipment to protect your eyes from strong lights such as welding torches or lasers, and from hazards that could enter the eyes, such as mechanical springs or small pieces of material.

Medical mistake

If your eye injury was the result of medical negligence, we know that the impact on your life will be significant, leaving you dependent on those around you and distrusting of medical professionals. Please know that you're not alone and whether it was a misdiagnosis, surgical error or something else, we can help you.

Deteriorating vision

It may be that your vision has gotten worse over time. If this is due to working conditions or an accident that happened earlier in your life, you may be able to make a claim.

We recommend that you get in contact with us on  to discuss your experience, so that we can let you know how we can help.

We understand that suffering an eye injury or any loss of vision is a traumatic event.

Losing your sight will undoubtedly have affected your independence and finances, and it's likely that even the most resilient of us would feel challenged and affected by our new situation.

Making a compensation claim can help you get support for your future and can also help to support those around you, who you may now be more dependent on for help and care.

In more permanent sight loss cases, your compensation could help towards adaptations to your home to make it more accessible for you, and can help support you with household bills and expenses if you've been left unable to work. Your compensation could also help pay back those who have cared for you while you were at your most dependent and vulnerable.

While we know that no amount of money can erase what you've been through, making a claim for compensation can really make a difference to your life and help you to adjust to the impact your injury has had on you.

We know that you may feel nervous or anxious about contacting us. But that's the last thing we want you to feel. In fact, we pride ourselves on helping people like you to feel supported and informed about your legal position.

That's why your call with us is completely free, confidential and advisory. So you can be sure we're here to listen and will never pressure you into making a claim.

When you call, we'd like to hear about your experience, the accident that led to your vision impairment, and the effects that's had on your life and your loved ones too. You don't need to know the exact details at this point, but approximate dates and information is useful.

If we think you have a claim during your call, we'll let you know and will ask your permission to put you in contact with a specialist solicitor. If you decide that you'd like to go ahead, then you'll be transferred to them for a further free legal consultation.

During your call you'll be speaking to one of our specialist advisors who have experience working with serious injuries like yours. So please feel free to ask them any questions you have.

Calling on behalf of a loved one

If you're thinking of calling us on behalf of a loved one, we can help.

We know that it's very common in cases like this to be thinking about the support and apology your loved one deserves, but if, for example, they're in hospital undergoing medical treatment then they may feel unable to talk to us personally.

If this is the case, then there's still a good chance we can help, as we can talk to you on their behalf to let you know whether we think they're eligible to claim compensation for their injury.

To find out more about making an enquiry on a loved one's behalf please visit our dedicated page about claiming on someone else's behalf.

Starting your claim is straightforward when you contact us.

We believe you shouldn't have to deal with the stress of finding a solicitor or calling around to find a personal injury specialist who has experience working with your type of claim. We know this is time-consuming and sometimes disheartening.

That's why when you call us we'll give you free advice and can usually let you know if we think you have a claim on the same call. We'll pick an experienced specialist solicitor from one of our panel firms to work with you throughout your case.

And we'll only transfer you to a solicitor if we think you have a case and you give us your clear permission. So if you simply want to know if you're entitled to compensation but you're not quite ready to start your case, that's fine. We'll hold your details securely for when you're ready.

If you're ready to start you claim or to speak to somebody about your accident, please call us on  or enter your details into one of our forms and we'll call you back.