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Burn Injury Claims

We think you shouldn't have to deal with the financial consequences of an accident that wasn't your fault.

Did you suffer a serious burn injury?

While we know that all burns are painful and impact the way we live our lives while we recover, there are some burns that have a lasting and life-changing impact.

More severe burns can leave our futures looking very different to what we had imagined and leave us dependent on those around us.

If you’ve suffered a burn that has left you feeling like this, then it’s likely you’ve suffered a serious or life-changing burn injury. In that case we can help you make a serious injury claim to cover the cost your injury has had on your life so far, and the impact it will have in the future.

When you contact us we also consider what other expenses your injury may have caused you and while we know that compensation does not take back your injury, it does help you and your family plan for your future.

Your compensation could help to:

  • Repay your loved ones for the care they have given you, and may continue to give you – including any time they’ve taken off work, any mileage they’ve accumulated and any free care they’ve given to you
  • Cover any future loss of income through lost earnings, pensions or other benefit support
  • Offset any effects on your progression at work or in education. For example, if you’re unable to apply for a full-time position or attend the University you wanted to
  • Finance any adaptations to your life, such as adaptations needed to your home
  • Cover any impact on your spare time activities, including sport activities

If you’re unsure whether your burn would be considered a serious injury, you can contact us for free advice on 0800 540 4258 . Alternatively, your injury would be considered a serious burn if one or more of the below applies to your experience:

  • You’ve had lengthy treatment or are still being treated
  • You’ve repeatedly had to visit hospital, stayed in hospital for a prolonged period, or will need to continue visiting hospital
  • You’ve had to take significant time off work

Should you make a burn injury claim?

We don’t believe any personal injury caused by another person’s negligent behaviour should be taken lightly. But when that injury is as serious as a burn, we believe you absolutely shouldn’t have had to suffer physically or financially.

We’re proud that we stand up for people like you who’ve been unfairly injured in an accident or as a result of negligence. We know that your injury will have impacted your life and maybe even the lives of your loved ones. That impact should be compensated.

If you’ve suffered a burn injury and it wasn’t your fault – we can help you by providing free advice about your compensation and whether you have a claim.

Calls to us on 0800 540 4258 are free, confidential and completely pressure-free, which means you can get the information you want about making a burn injury claim.

How are burns classified?

Getting the advice you need should be as stress and jargon-free as possible. That’s why below you’ll find the different types of burns explained, so you can know exactly what suffering a first degree or a third-degree burn actually means.

First-degree burns

The term first-degree burns refers to burns or scalds that only affect the first layer of the skin, also known as the epidermis.

Often first degree burns don’t require medical attention and depending on their location on the body, may not have resulted in you needing to take time off work.

First-degree burns are generally considered minor injuries, but we know they can cause pain, discomfort and can occasionally cause complications during recovery.

If you’ve suffered complications from a first-degree burn, we may be able to help you claim compensation. We recommend calling us on 0800 540 4258  to find out for sure.

Second-degree burns

Second-degree burns typically affect the layer of tissue just beneath the top layer of skin, also known as your dermis.

Second-degree burns can vary in severity but usually affect our nerve endings, sweat glands and blood vessels.

Recovering from second-degree burns can be particularly painful because they affect a deeper layer of your skin, causing your nerve endings to respond in pain or dull causing you to feel no pain or sensation in an area. It’s also likely your skin will be blistered and red from your burn, making it sensitive and hard to cover and clean.

If you’ve suffered a second-degree burn because of somebody else’s negligence, please contact us to find out whether you have a claim.

Third-degree burns

Third-degree burns are also known as full thickness burns and are commonly the most serious type of burn.

Third-degree burns are severe and often mean that sustained heat or corrosives have been applied to your skin and have caused serious damage to your body.

Recovering from a third-degree burn can take a very long time, and some may never fully recover. In fact, some third-degree burns can sometimes leave you without the use of a limb or without feeling in the area that was injured.

This type of burn can be particularly traumatic, as living with this type of injury is incredibly uncomfortable and the impact it can have on your independence can also be substantial.

If your burn was caused by an accident that was somebody else’s fault, please get in contact. We can help you get justice and compensation for your experience.

Fourth-degree burns

Less frequent than third-degree burns and less commonly known, fourth-degree burns are the most severe type of burn injury.

Fourth-degree burns often result in amputation and significant damage to your body. In some cases, fourth-degree burns can also result in death.

If you, or a loved one, have suffered a fourth-degree burn, please contact us. We can’t begin to imagine the suffering you’ve experienced, and we want to help in any way we can. Your compensation can help you pay for specialised medical treatment, adaptations to your home and cover you financially while you’re unable to work.

Causes of burn injuries

Burn injuries can happen in a split second, but often leave a lasting impact and a lifetime scar.

Although there are situations where burn injuries are more likely to occur, we can give advice to anybody who’s suffered a burn injury because of somebody else; this could be because of an accident or because of negligent behaviour.

Below is a list of the common causes of burn injuries:

If you’re unsure if we cover your accident type, or if your accident happened in unusual circumstances, we recommend getting in contact with us on 0800 540 4258   as we’ll still be able to offer you advice and assistance that could help your situation.

Sofa Burn Claims

The sofa rash or ‘toxic sofa’ story became big news in the summer of 2008, when imported leather sofas from China were treated with an anti-mould chemical; great for the sofas but not so for the people sitting on them as the toxic chemical caused rashes, burns and blisters to the sitter.

If you have been affected by one of these faulty or ‘toxic’ leather sofas then you may be able to make a claim for sofa burn compensation. In particular, if your sofa rash has caused you to take time off work, resulted in a loss of earnings, caused you to pay medical bills, or if your ‘toxic sofa’ injuries have caused you pain or discomfort.

In the 2008 incident it was possible that up to 50,000 households could have been sold a faulty or ‘toxic’ sofa, and many from popular high street outlets. It was thought to be the largest group litigation for a faulty consumer goods the UK has seen, after many thousands of people were given the go ahead to claim compensation after a Group Litigation Order was made.

In some cases the sofa rash was so severe that it led to a skin condition called dermatitis, also known as eczema.

If you believe you could be suffering from a sofa burn or sofa rash then call or claim online and we’ll call you back quickly to offer advice and help guide you in your sofa rash claim.

Perhaps you’ve been suffering from a rash or eczema like symptoms for a while with no explanation; it is worth investigating the make and purchase date of your sofa to see if it matches any of the faulty sofas, and then giving us a cal

Making a burn injury claim

It’s common to think that starting a compensation claim will be stressful or that you’ll be under a lot of pressure to start a claim.

Thankfully this isn’t the case, because we’ve worked hard over our  years to make the process of starting your claim as simple as possible. We also pride ourselves on our free, confidential advisory service. This means you’re under no pressure to start a claim when you call, but if you do, it will be as straightforward as possible.

When you call us about your compensation, you’ll speak to one of our experienced legally trained advisors. Our advisors go through extensive training to be able to answer any questions you might have about claiming and to make sure that they can give you the advice you need.

All calls are also confidential and when you contact us, we’ll always prioritise giving you the information you need over starting a claim.

If we think you have a claim during our call, we’ll let you know and ask if you’re happy to speak to one of our specialist serious injury solicitors. You’re welcome to say no, but if you say yes, you can get further legal advice about making a claim, and take the first steps towards your compensation.

After our call, if you decide to start your case, your solicitor will then be your point of contact, guiding you through the claims process to your compensation.

Our reviews

Find out more about our work with life-changing and serious injury claims below by reading our reviews. Each account is a real review collected on the independent review website TrustPilot.

How much could you claim?

Your final compensation figure depends on several aspects that are unique to your injury, such as:

  • The severity of your burn
  • The lasting impact of your burn and your recovery time
  • Your salary and the time you’ve taken off work
  • Any additional loss of money as a result of your accident, such as travel, treatment and prescriptions
  • Any care you’ve needed, including the free care from your loved ones

Calculate your claim

Because your compensation is completely dependent on your experience, at the time of our call we’re unable to advise you how much you might receive. But we understand that it is a consideration when people think of making a claim and because of that, we’ve created our industry leading compensation calculator.

You can get an approximate settlement figure for your claim by trying our compensation calculator here.

How much will starting a claim cost you?

When you start your claim with us, you’ll be starting a no win no fee claim. That means you won’t pay any money upfront or have any unexpected costs.

You’ll agree a price for your solicitor’s services at the beginning of your claim. That amount will then be taken out of your compensation if your claim is successful. That means you’ll know how much your claim will cost before you begin.

If your claim is unsuccessful, then you won’t need to worry about paying a thing, because our no win no fee agreement means you don’t pay a penny if you don’t receive compensation.

You can read more about our no win no fee agreement here.

How to contact us

Whether you’re looking for advice or looking to start your claim, we can help. With over  years’ experience working with personal injury claims we’re the people to contact if you want advice based on your injury. We have someone available 24 hours a day to take your call on 0800 540 4258  .

Alternatively, you can fill in the short form below to have us call you back. We’ve helped thousands of people just like you by helping them understand if they can claim and putting them in contact with one of our specialist solicitors.

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