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If you’ve been injured after tripping on a pavement, you may be entitled to compensation

Many people don’t realise that they can make a compensation claim if they’ve been injured after tripping on a pavement.

Every highway authority has a duty to maintain roads and footpaths. If a road surface has been poorly maintained, and you have tripped and injured yourself because of that, you may be able to claim compensation.

Part of a highway authority’s duty is to have a system in place to regularly check roads and footpaths for defects. Busier roads and footpaths require more regular inspection than roads which are used less frequently.

If a defect is found, the highway authority has a duty to repair the defects within a reasonable time.

Highway authorities must also act on any complaints received about a road or footpath. If a highway authority has failed to fix a defect or act upon a complaint and you’ve been injured as a result, your claim is more likely to succeed.

Possible causes of trips on a pavement include:

  • Uneven kerbs or paving slabs
  • Damaged pavements caused by vehicles or tree roots
  • Incorrectly laid paving
  • Hazards such as road signs or drain covers
  • Poor maintenance of pavements and footpaths

The owners of public premises have a duty...

Accidents while out and about

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The owners of public premises have a duty to keep their visitors safe. If you’ve been injured while out and about, you may have a valid claim.

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Can I claim compensation?

If you’ve been injured after tripping on a pavement or footpath, you may be entitled to claim compensation.

Some of the criteria for making a claim for a trip on a pavement include:

  • You must have been injured
  • It must have been someone else’s fault or the fault of a local authority
  • It must have occurred in the last three years
  • It must have occurred on a public road or footpath

When looking to make a compensation claim for a trip on pavement, we also advise you to seek medical advice as for your injury. Any medical records relating to your accident may be used as proof of your injury if you pursue a claim.

We also want you to know that, if you’ve tripped as a result of a paving defect measuring less than 2.5 centimetres, you’re unlikely to be able to make a successful claim.

If you’re still unsure whether you could make a claim, you should call us on  0800 540 4258 . Our friendly legal advisors will be able to tell you in minutes if they believe you have a valid claim, and help you take the first steps towards compensation.

We treat every claim, and every claimant, individually. This means the only way to be sure you have a claim is to give us a call. When you call us, there is no obligation to claim, as we can provide free and confidential advice about your personal injury.

You can also start your claim online by filling out our online claim form.

What should I do if I’ve been injured by an unsafe pavement?

If you’ve been injured after tripping on a pavement, the first thing we advise is to seek necessary medical attention. It’s important that you are on the way to recovery as soon as possible.

We also advise that you take a picture of the defect which led to your injury. This is so the size or height of the hazard can be identified, as well as its location. It may also help to include a measuring tape in your photo, or something that can be used to identify the size of the curb. This could be a coin, matchbox or similar.

For more information on recovering after your accident, please visit our recovering from your injury page.

How much compensation could I claim?

There are several factors that affect the amount of compensation you could receive. These include:

  • The type of injury
  • The severity
  • Any financial losses you may have experienced as a result of your injury

The best way to find out what compensation you could receive is to give one of our legally trained advisors a call on 0800 540 4258 . They’ll listen to your experience and answer any questions you have. If you do choose to go ahead, they will put you through to a solicitor who can handle your claim.

You can also try our industry leading calculator, which uses information from people who have had similar injuries to you. Our compensation calculator asks your three questions and, based on our experience of personal injury claims, provides an estimated amount of compensation for your injuries.

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