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Amputations Claims

If medical negligence leads to amputation, you could claim for compensation.

Contact us today for free if you’ve suffered an amputation resulting from medical negligence

Understandably, as a patient you might be nervous before surgery and the last thing you want to have to worry about is suffering from a surgical error leading to either:

  • an amputation being needed
  • an amputation being carried out unnecessarily
  • the incorrect limb being amputated.

If you have suffered one of these errors, you can contact us free of charge on  0800 540 4258  to get confidential legal advice about making a claim for compensation.

We’ve been helping victims of medical negligence win compensation on a no win no fee basis for over  years. Your compensation could help pay for:

  • Further medical costs
  • Replacement of prosthetic limbs
  • Adapting your home with specialist equipment
  • Buying mobility equipment

Why National Accident Helpline?

We’re here to help you get your medical negligence claim started. When you call our friendly legal advisors, they’ll ask you a few questions about the circumstances of your amputation to find out whether or not you can make a claim.

We understand  that  it may be difficult for you to talk about what’s happened, but please be assured that anything you tell us is confidential and will only be passed on to our solicitor if you decide to continue the claim.

When you contact National Accident Helpline we’ll put you in touch with a specialist solicitor who can provide an immediate needs assessment and identify what is important to you and your family.


What happens next?

If you’re able to make a claim, we can put you straight through to a specialist medical negligence solicitor.

They’ll help you understand your situation, organise a medical assessment to support your claim and assist you with any paperwork. They’re there to answer your questions and reassure you as you progress with your claim.

Remember, if our solicitors take on your claim, they’ll only ever do so on a no win no fee basis. That means, if your claim is unsuccessful, we won’t charge you a penny.

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