The Make It Right Campaign

Our new research exposes the true life-changing impact of accidental injuries.

The Make It Right campaign

What is our Make It Right campaign?

What is our Make It Right campaign?1

We want to show that it’s not just about the physical injury itself, but also the emotional and physical repercussions on both the person who has been injured and the family and friends who care for them.

A no-fault injury can have an impact on a person’s:

  • Mental health
  • Personal relationships
  • General health
  • Lifestyle
  • Working life

We are exploring these impacts in more detail throughout 2019 – use the buttons below to find out more and check back regularly for updates.

Mental health

Family and relationships

General health and lifestyle

Coming soon


Coming soon

We’ve teamed up with television GP Dr Hilary Jones to raise awareness of our campaign and its findings.

Dr Hilary Jones comments on National Accident Helpline's #MakeItRight campaign research

Dr Hilary Jones comments on National Accident Helpline’s #MakeItRight campaign research

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Exposing the life-changing impact of accidental injuries

As part of the campaign we commissioned a new comprehensive study that reveals the true extent accidental injuries can have on an individual’s life.

The study surveyed over 1000 people as well carrying out in depth interviews with healthcare professionals to explore the wider repercussions that can last a long time following a no-fault accident.

From the survey we learned that 7 out of 10 people who had had an accident said that they suffered from a mental health issue as a direct result of it.

More than a third admitted to suffering strains on their close relationships with family and friends, and almost half said the accident had negatively impacted their job.

This is why we’re working to highlight the true extent of the impact which injuries from no-fault accidents can have.

We want to raise awareness and demonstrate that claiming for these injuries is not a selfish act.  We hope by doing so that those people who are suffering realise that claiming is justified and necessary to help get their lives back on track.

Dr Hilary said: “I’ve seen people in my surgery who have been injured through no fault of their own and are trying to be stoic – they often don’t want to face the fact that they are struggling, be it physically or mentally.

“But this research shows what GPs like me know – that it is completely normal for the impact of a person’s accident to show itself in more than just a physical injury, and that it’s ok to ask for help.”

Dr Hilary Jones

Why we’re campaigning to Make It Right for people who have suffered accidental injuries

We care about each and every one of our customers and feel it’s time to let people who have suffered an injury that wasn’t their fault know that we are here to help make it right.

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