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Anaesthetic Complications

Anaesthetic complications are fortunately rare, but when they do happen they can have a terrible impact on your health and wellbeing.

Anaesthetic complications can lead to life-limiting disabilities and deep psychological trauma

Many people are understandably nervous about being anaesthetised or “put under” so that surgical procedures can be carried out. And while the vast majority of anaesthetisations happen without any negative side effects, on some occasions mistakes are made by the medical staff which can have life-changing effects.

If you think a nurse, doctor, anaesthetist or any other member of medical staff has failed in their duty of care to you, whether you have been treated in  private or NHS care, contact us for free today on  0800 376 01500800 376 0150  to find out if you are able to seek compensation by making  a medical negligence claim.

  What can I make a claim for?

Anaesthetic awareness

Waking up during surgery can be an extremely traumatic experience known as anaesthetic awareness.  If you’ve experienced this complication and you have suffered as a result, you may be able to make a medical negligence claim.

Nerve and spinal cord injuries

Improper delivery of anaesthetic can cause painful and debilitating nerve and spinal cord injuries.

Brain damage or strokes

Failure to correctly manage a patient who is under anaesthetic can have very serious consequences such as brain damage or strokes, leading to lifelong effects.

Allergy to anaesthetic

Allergy to the anaesthetic used can provoke reactions including rashes, vomiting and breathing problems known as anaphylaxis. If your anaesthetist fails to take account of pre-existing allergies recorded in your patient notes you may have grounds to make a claim.


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How your compensation can help

If you have been a victim of medical negligence, don’t suffer in silence.  It is important that you seek access to justice and compensation for your injuries . Your claim will also help raise awareness of negligent care and draw attention to the cause of your injuries, helping to prevent other patients suffering a similar experience.

Your compensation is also there to help cover any out of pocket expenses, lost earnings or other financial burdens associated with medical negligence. Also, if you’ve suffered serious injury or disablement after an anaesthetic complication, you may need to pay for additional care or get your home modified to accommodate your disability.

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