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Hi Charley-Anne, what you have been busy doing since we last caught up?

Charley-Anne Gordon

I managed to graduate from the University of Buckingham with a first, and got an award for graduating with the highest grade in my discipline.

I've been working on a number of articles, and have been writing for a commercial law website.

I'm currently finishing my PhD proposal, and am planning to begin my PhD in January at De Montfort University, which I am very excited about.

I'm also working on a student-friendly OSCOLA referencing guide, and am hoping to get my legal blog up and running soon. 

Why did you originally decide to enter Future Legal Mind?

I felt that being shortlisted for a national award would not only look fantastic on my CV as a talking point that few other people have, but I felt it would also give me the confidence to chase my legal dreams.

How has winning Future Legal Mind helped you so far, and how do you think it will help you in the future?

I have had a lot of people message me on Linkedin asking about the competition, and it is something employers are very interested in.

It has also given me a lot of confidence in my academic capabilities. I think it will continue to be something that stands out on my resume, setting me apart from the competition.

What would you say to law students and trainees who are thinking of entering this year?

Go for it and do not let anything hold you back. Being shortlisted will open so many doors from you, and is a fantastic way to diversify your resume.

Applying to competitions like Future Legal Mind is also a great way of building up your confidence.

It's a good opportunity to practice putting yourself out there, which is something we as lawyers need to do continually.

Do you have any tips for those starting work on their essay?

My biggest tip is to be yourself, authenticity is so important and it will really shine through to the judges.

Always make sure your spelling and grammar is on point. Even the best essays can be ruined by sloppy grammar!