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Where's your happy place?

Hundreds of people from all over the UK entered our #MyHappyPlace competition, showing us the locations they love and that bring them happiness.

#MyHappyPlace categories

Entrants aged 14-17 were entered into our ‘teen' category, while those 18 or over were entered into our main category. The winner in each category was awarded a £200 Amazon voucher, while four runners received £25 Amazon vouchers.

Main category shortlist

Well done to Chris Hunt, the winner of our #MyHappyPlace competition. The 16 entrants shortlisted in our main category were chosen from over 600 ‘happy place' photos taken by people all over the UK. You can also view these shortlisted photos, along with a slightly larger selection of top entries, on our #MyHappyPlace Pinterest board

Teen category shortlist

Congratulations to Megan Berry, who took first place in our teen category. Our teen shortlist includes an impressive mixture of scenes from across Britain taken by some talented young photographers. You can see all eight of our shortlisted teen entrants below.