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Misdiagnosis Claims

You can make a medical negligence claim if misdiagnosis leads to unnecessary injury or distress

It’s natural that you trust your general practitioner (GP), hospital doctor or physiotherapist to make a sound diagnosis when you visit them with an illness or injury; they’re generally your first port of call when you or a loved one are feeling unwell.

However, occasionally medical professionals may incorrectly diagnose your condition, leading to further injury, psychological distress, or both. On those rare occasions, whether you’re seeing a private or NHS doctor, you might be entitled to seek compensation by making a medical negligence claim.

What counts as misdiagnosis?

Misdiagnosis can take a few different forms, including:

•    When a doctor fails to diagnose your condition at all, leading to a deterioration in your health or mental wellbeing.

•    Your doctor delays correctly diagnosing your condition and your condition becomes worse as a result of the delay.

•    Your doctor gives you incorrect or unsuitable medication or treatment based on their incorrect diagnosis and your health is negatively affected.

Not sure if you have a claim?

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