We asked you to enter a photo of your happy place. Take a look at the winning entries!

Where's your happy place?

Hundreds of people from all over the UK entered our #MyHappyPlace competition, showing us the locations they love and that bring them happiness.

#MyHappyPlace categories

Entrants aged 14-17 were entered into our ‘teen’ category, while those 18 or over were entered into our main category. The winner in each category was awarded a £200 Amazon voucher, while four runners received £25 Amazon vouchers.

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Photo entries were accepted by Twitter using the hashtag #MyHappyPlace, or by entry form.

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Main category shortlist

Well done to Chris Hunt, the winner of our #MyHappyPlace competition. The 16 entrants shortlisted in our main category were chosen from over 600 ‘happy place’ photos taken by people all over the UK. You can also view these shortlisted photos, along with a slightly larger selection of top entries, on our #MyHappyPlace Pinterest board.


Chris Hunt: WINNER

Maughold Head Lighthouse on the Isle of Man. “The lighthouse is a constant, watching out onto the ever-changing scenery around. There are happy butterflies in my tummy every time I see it.”

Winner of #myhappyplace depicts a lighthouse on a banked hillside looking over a blue sea by Chris Hunt

Kate Holderness: RUNNER UP

Crosby Beach, Merseyside. “Antony Gormley’s sculptures are a beautiful addition to the beach, the way they stud the sand, lone figures looking out to sea, really captures the mood of just taking time to be alone and appreciate the surroundings.”

Runner up of the #myhappyplace competition Kate Holderness' photograph of a beach sculpture and a woman standing side by side

Fiona Haward: RUNNER UP

The old Iron Age site of Woodbury Castle, Devon. “Our children have grown up here, building endless dens, hanging rope swings and rolling in the autumnal leaves.”

An autumnal photograph by Fiona Haward, showng a leafy forest with a range of colours

Alison Davies

Manor Road Community Woodland in Keynsham / Salford on the Bristol and Bath border. “I find this place incredibly uplifting, even when a foot deep in mud at times, in the pouring rain.”

A leafy multi-coloured forest in autmn by Alison Davies

Craig Higgins

Gleniffer Braes Country Park. “I’ve spent many happy years going there, and now I’ve moved in with my fiance and our labrador Darcy, I get to take her there on big walks.”

A snowy, rocky river in winter with a fallen tree across the banks by Craig Higgins

David Vowles

Darwin Forest in the Peak District. “This picture, and many more that I took, will always show a happy place and happy times, long into the future, for our great grandchildren and their children to see.”

A dirt path lined with pine trees by David Vowles for #myhappyplace competition

Eloise Davis

Redhill, Surrey. “I went to watch the sunrise at the very start of 2016 with friends. It was a special moment to share with good friends!”

Eloise Davis photographed roman columns overlooking the sunny town of Redhill

Hayley Cooper

Whitby. “My mum and dad have a caravan near Robin Hoods Bay and the children just love it there, we always have such a wonderful holiday.”

A seagull sat next to sea with a banked village and castle in the background

Jeremy Andrews

Llangammarch Wells, Wales. “I like going up there to walk, enjoy the views and to collect my thoughts. I find peace and happiness there.”

Jeremy Andrews entrance to #myhappyplace shows a breaking sun over a foggy green field

Laura Elliot

County Fermanagh. “County Fermanagh has so much to offer, from its beautiful waterways to the tranquility of its countryside.”

Laura Elliot's close up of a flower in a green sunny field

Laura Prieto

Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. “It’s a very charming and uplifting place where I find myself going to relax, unwind and take pictures, as its harbour offers an endless source of inspiration.”

A large ship docked, with a grey sky by Laura Prieto

Linda Sadler

The coast path between Port Quinn and Port Isaac in Cornwall. “This view makes it a very happy place and makes you feel blessed to live in such a beautiful part of the country.”

Linda Sadler's entrance to #myhappyplace showing a bending green track on a cliff side

Martin Campbell

Grasmere in the Lake District. “It’s my happy place, because I love living here overlooking the phone box, but in particular with this image because it shows us that things are getting better.”

A snowy english village with a red phonebox and large hills by Martin Campbell

Michelle Bruce

The viewing terrace of the Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. “My family love the museum and the viewing terrace provides a view of the Edinburgh skyline. I captured a wee Edinburgh pigeon whilst enjoying the view one day.”

An entrance to #myhappyplace by Michelle Bruce showing a cityscape

Sarah Dearnley

Powburn, close to Alnwick. “I have great memories there. The scenery is beautiful all year around, and there is a horse in the neighbouring field who always comes to say ‘hello’.”

Sarah Dearnley's entrance to #myhappyplace shows a bright summer's day across a green meadow through a frame of trees

Sarah Stanton Longdon

The Chevin in Milford, Derbyshire. “My husband, who’s in the photo, proposed to me in this special place and we had our wedding blessing up there, on the top of the hill.”

Sarah Stanton's entry to #myhappyplace photo competition depicting a lone man looking over a sunset

Teen category shortlist

Congratulations to Megan Berry, who took first place in our teen category. Our teen shortlist includes an impressive mixture of scenes from across Britain taken by some talented young photographers. You can see all eight of our shortlisted teen entrants below.

Megan Berry: WINNER

Seal Stones in the Peak District. “It makes me smile without a doubt, when I go there or when I see this picture as it reminds me of my nan.”

Winner of teen #myhappyplace competition Megan Berry's photograph depicts a meandering, rocky river surrounded by green banks

Lauren Bennett: RUNNER UP

Porthtowan Beach, South West Cornwall. “The landscape is spectacular and the waves are usually very choppy so it makes for a great spot for both photographers and surfers!”

Runner up of teen #myhappyplace competition - Lauren Bennet's rough sea photograph from the beach

Livvy Reilly: RUNNER UP

Arley Hall, Cheshire. “It’s so peaceful and typically British with the green fields and walking gate. Just being here makes everything perfect again.”

#myhappyplace competition entrance by Livvy Reilly of a brisk sunny morning on a meadow

Daniel Johnson

Far Sawrey in the Lake District, looking towards Grizdale Forest. “It is such a happy place for me because of the stunning views and because I enjoy spending time there with my family and my dog, Rod.”

Photograph of roaming green hills in the country by daniel johnson for #myhappyplace competition

Georgia Allen

Brig O’ Doon, Ayr, Allowa. “I just find the scenery brilliant, so many photo opportunities. And the atmosphere is even great!”

Georgia Allen's photograph for #myhappy place of a river with a crossing surrounded by greenery

Jodie Claxton

Jodie sent us this calming beach scene, beautifully capturing a moment of sunny solitude and clarity. Looking at Jodie’s photo, you can almost hear the waves gently lapping at the shore.

Photograph of a sunny beach by Jodie Claxton for #myhappyplace competition

Jodie Holyoake

Jodie Holyoake’s stormy rocks scene makes for an atypical ‘happy place’ photo that fascinated our judges.

Black and white photograph by Jodie Holyoake of stormy rocks for #myhappyplace competition

Zoe Jeffs

Zoe Jeffs has captured a glorious, multi-coloured sunset, seen through the trees, and highlighting their twisty strength and grandeur.

Photograph by Zoe Jeffs of a multi-coloured sunset for #myhappyplace competition
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