Over 20 Years of Helping People

2013 marked National Accident Helpline’s 20th anniversary.

That’s 20 years helping hundreds of thousands of people get back on their feet!

To mark this special occasion, our founder Alan Kennedy shares his story by recording a series of videos explaining how it all started, what’s changed over the last 20 years and what the recent legal changes mean to people today.

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Why are we called National Accident Helpline?

Why choose the name National Accident Helpline? Alan starts by explaining why he chose the name National Accident Helpline – “It does what it says on the tin!”

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How has Access To Justice changed in the claims industry?

How has access to justice changed over the last 25 years? Next, Alan talks about the “remarkable changes” since 1993, including the introduction of no win no fee agreements in the year 2000, allowing people to “fight back with no risk”.

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What it means to have 20 years of experience in personal injury claims

Alan finishes by explaining why National Accident Helpline having 20 years’ experience is great news for anyone who’s thinking about making a personal injury claim!

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