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Helping Hands

We’re looking to give something back to our community. If you’re a charitable organisation, we’d like to help you.

Giving something back


Helping Hands is a scheme in which we are offering 500 working hours to charities and organisations in Northamptonshire who would like our help. We’re giving our staff the opportunity to spend their working day helping out in the community.

At National Accident Helpline, we care about our community. We’re passionate about helping other people and we don’t draw the line at injury compensation claims. We employ over 100 people from in and around our local community and we want to give something back.

You might have a project that you need help with, such as clearing local parks, or maybe you’d like hourly work such as mentoring or working in a charity shop. You might even need advice on marketing, finance, customer service or legal matters – whatever it is, we’d like to get involved.

So if you’re part of a community organisation, charity or school in Northamptonshire and you would like our help, we’d love to hear from you.

How to get a Helping Hand

No matter what it is you need a helping hand with, don’t be afraid to get in touch.

You can request a helping hand by clicking on the link below to submit an application. We’ll get in contact to let you know if we think we can help.


Our previous work with charities

At National Accident Helpline we have a long history of partnering with fantastic charities. Most recently, we partnered with The Paul Bush Foundation Trust which aims to help people financially, physically and emotionally after suffering life changing injuries so that they can regain independence and enjoy a better quality of life.

We raised over £10,000 for The Air Ambulance Service. All our employees got involved, mostly by taking part in fun and challenging activities such as cycling challenges, baking competitions and quiz nights to raise money for the service. Read more about our staff cycling challenge for The Air Ambulance Service.

We also set up The British Caregiver Award with Revitalise, a national charity which provides holidays for disabled people and their carers, so that we could raise awareness about the commitment of carers and the effect their role may have had on their life.


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