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Read about 2015 national award, Future Legal Mind, for undergraduate and postgraduate law students.

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Future Legal Mind is an essay competition for law students which offers a cash grant and a work experience placement to the winning entrants. It is run in association with the online magazine for aspiring legal professionals, Lawyer2B, and law firm Simpson Millar (incorporating Colemans-ctts).

Future Legal Mind 2015

The inaugural Future Legal Mind awards ran throughout the 2014-15 academic year, with law students up and down the UK submitting their essays to be evaluated by our distinguished panel of judges: Russell Atkinson (National Accident Helpline CEO and chair of judges); Richard Simmons (editor of Lawyer2B);  Professor Gary Slapper (Director of NYU London); Janet Tilley (Colemans-ctts); and Jonathan White (National Accident Helpline Legal Director).

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Future Legal Mind 2015 invited entries from both undergraduate and postgraduate law students, with students set the task of submitting a 1,000-word essay. The questions entrants had to answer were:

Undergraduates: ‘If the justice system were a blank canvas and you had the power to structure it, what would you do in terms of access to justice?’

Postgraduates: ‘How do you think the provision of legal services should change over the next 10 years? How would this affect access to justice?’

We were delighted with the calibre of the essays we received and, after our judges shortlisted five of the best entries from each category, Future Legal Mind 2015 culminated in an awards lunch at the historic Honourable Society of Lincoln’s Inn, where our ten finalists were treated to a sumptuous three-course meal prior to the awards presentation.

Meet the Future Legal Mind 2015 Winners

Amy Loughery, 21, from Leeds - Undergraduate Winner

When Amy entered Future Legal Mind she was a second year law student studying at the University of York. Now in her third year, since winning Future Legal Mind, Amy has gone on to take another placement at a firm based in Hull, and also acquired two part time jobs – working on eBor Lex, the University of York’s student-led academic legal journal, and with the Widening Participation team at York to help encourage students from non-traditional backgrounds to get into law school.

“I’ve enjoyed both roles and I don’t think I would have got either of them if I hadn’t won Future Legal Mind,” said Amy.

Amy describes herself as coming from a strong working-class background, with her desire to pursue a career in the legal profession driven by a firm belief that people’s ability to defend and fulfil their legal rights should not be determined by how much money they have. The areas of law that interest Amy most are criminal, personal injury and family law – the areas of practice that have been hit hardest by cuts to legal aid funding.

Amy Loughery with Future Legal Mind award

Lukas Hamilton Eddy, 25, from London - Postgraduate Winner

Lukas completed his undergraduate degree at the University of St Andrews, took the LLB at City University London and completed the BPTC (Bar Professional Training Course) earlier this year. Since completing his studies, Lukas has taken up a job with Quest as a County Court advocate, and says that winning the award is something he will carry with him for the rest of his life.

“It’s very, very hard getting into the legal profession, and I can’t overstate how important things like this are in terms of giving people the chance to get a pat on the back and get a boost from it,” said Lukas.

“The more opportunities like this that exist for law students the better.”

Lukas has come to the Bar through a passion for oral and written advocacy. In his free time he enjoys skiing, shooting and riding.

Lukas Eddy holding Future Legal Mind award

Future Legal Mind 2015 - Highly Commended

Victoria Rowley, 22, from Essex - Highly Commended Undergraduate

The 2014/15 academic year was her fourth and final year of studying Law with American Law at the University of Nottingham. Victoria spent her third year of study at the University of Connecticut.

Victoria wants to combine her academic interest in law with practical hands-on experience by pursuing a career in the legal profession; while she feels the new challenges and opportunities presented as a result of the regular changes in the sector make the work both exciting and dynamic.

When not studying, law Victoria enjoys travelling, going to the theatre and reading as well as watching films.

Victoria Rowley holding Future Legal Mind award

Christopher Rush, 23, from Bristol - Highly Commended Postgraduate

Studying for his LLM in International Law, Christopher wants to get into the legal profession because he enjoys finding creative solutions to problems. A year studying in the Netherlands during his undergraduate degree, combined with a love of languages, kick-started his travel bug, while Christopher also enjoys keeping fit, escaping to the countryside for long walks and reading for pleasure.

Christopher Rush with Future Legal Mind award

Future Legal Mind 2015 - Undergraduate Finalists

Future Legal Mind undergraduate winners group shot

Tarandeep Ghatrora, 23, from Cardiff

Studying for his LLM in International Law, Christopher wants to get into the legal profession because he enjoys finding creative solutions to problems. A year studying in the Netherlands during his undergraduate degree, combined with a love of languages, kick-started his travel bug, while Christopher also enjoys keeping fit, escaping to the countryside for long walks and reading for pleasure.

Oliver Orchant, 20, from Glasgow

Born in London, Oliver moved to Glasgow at the age of 3, and is now studying for a law degree at Glasgow University. Oliver is currently at Copenhagen University for this academic year thanks to the Erasmus Programme, and is ‘relishing the cultural experience’.

Law first became Oliver’s passion upon researching the minimum wage legislation as a young ‘Coffee Barista.’ Ever since, he has dreamed of championing the cause to provide professional legal advice to all in need.

An avid explorer, Oliver has been inspired by European inter-rail travel to see the rest of the world, with a trip to South East Asia planned next. In addition, football, golf and cycling are just a few of his favourite pastimes.

Eyram Abla Seckley, 20, from Aylesbury

Currently studying law at the University of Kent, Abla has a passion for discussion and argument, and enjoys the idea that something can be observed and debated from multiple points of view and in many different ways. Abla is keen to study Human Rights and Medical law, and she has always wanted a job which allows her the opportunity to work with lots of different people.

In addition, Abla has an interest in chess, playing the piano (her favourite music genres being classical and jazz), and taking part in volunteering and youth work through organisations such as Team V and, formerly, the United Kingdom Youth Parliament.

Future Legal Mind 2015 - Postgraduate Finalists

Future Legal Mind 2015 winners group photo

Benjamin Burns, 24, from London

A full-time BPTC student at the City Law School, Benjamin came to law via the GDL route, having studied Philosophy at the University of York and the University of California. He desires a career at the Bar due to the challenging and unique combination of skills that is required, the freedom it grants, and the broad social utility of a Barrister’s work.

Beyond the law, Benjamin owns three dogs, loves cooking and travelling when he can, and had a brief career in fashion.

Tarwireyi Chadoka, 33, from London

Having been born in London to Zimbabwean parents, Tarwireyi spends most of his formative years in Zimbabwe. The final year of his part-time International Commercial Law Masters at the University of South Wales will begin in September, and Tarwireyi places great value on his legal training and hopes to be in a position to use what he has learned within the legal profession.

Tarwireyi enjoys playing table tennis and rugby.

Maria Javed, 22, from London

Studying for an LPC at BPP University, along with an LLM in Professional Legal Practice, Maria has a deep interest in family law, legal regulations and legal technology, as well as a personal interest in the evolution of Islamic personal law. She believes that technological developments will continue to increase the public’s access to justice, evolving the profession whilst also keeping to its high standards of professional conduct.

In her spare time, Maria enjoys sporting activities, such as swimming, and taking part in voluntary/charity work.

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