Future Legal Mind 2017

Read about the 2017 Future Legal Mind award for undergraduate law students.

Future Legal Mind is an essay competition run by National Accident Helpline, aiming to bring recognition to young legal talent. Winners receive a cash prize to help with their studies as well as a placement at one of our law firms.

The competition invites any UK resident undergraduate law students to submit their essay for the chance to win. The question for 2017 entrants was:

“If eBay can resolve 60 million disputes each year, why does the UK civil justice system need lawyers?”

We received more submissions than ever before in 2017 and we were very impressed with the standard of the essays we received – this year’s award was highly competitive. Our panel of judges shortlisted the top nine entrants and decided on the winner, Hana Kapadia.

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The winner and finalists

Hana Kapadia – Winner of Future Legal Mind 2017

After submitting an outstanding essay, Hana Kapadia was announced the winner of Future Legal Mind 2017, and was awarded £5,000 and a placement at law firm NewLaw.

National Accident Helpline managing director and chair of judges Simon Trott, said: “We were extremely impressed with Hana’s essay. It was thoroughly researched, lively, and showed a deep understanding of the UK legal system.”

Hana has developed an interest in using technology to improve access to justice, and is actively looking for pro bono activities to help vulnerable members of society, having already volunteered for the National Centre for Domestic Violence and Citizen’s Advice.


Morris Seifert, BPP University

Morris Seifert is a studying for his Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP University. He’s previously reached the quarter finals of the national BPP mooting competition, and has a particular interest in company and medical law.

In his spare time, Morris is a keen runner and martial-artist. He said: “I was extremely pleased when I found out. I enjoyed writing the essay and the subject matter was very interesting, so to be shortlisted on top of that is great.”


George Dick, University of Dundee

University of Dundee student George Dick is studying his LLB in Scots Law. George, who has also been recognised as one of the top law students in his year, said: “To be shortlisted for such a demanding and challenging competition is quite an honour indeed – I am truly glad I met the expectations of the judges.”

George is also passionate about philosophy, reading and competitive gaming. He feels his participation in Future Legal Mind 2017 has forced him to think differently about complex legal concepts.


Bethany Hargreaves, University of Manchester

Bethany Hargreaves is in her second year of studying law with criminology at University of Manchester.

Bethany is a keen runner and has taken part in multiple charity events, as well as volunteering overseas in countries including Mexico and Thailand. She believes this has developed a ‘global mindset’, and wants to proactively make positive contributions to society professionally.


Heather Jane, University of Law

Heather Jane is studying at the University of Law. Heather is particularly interested in business and commercial law, and ultimately would like to become a barrister. She understands that the legal industry is extremely competitive, and feels that her participation in Future Legal Mind will be beneficial to her career.


Thomas Stokoe, BPP University

Thomas Stokoe is studying for his Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP University. He feels that his participation in Future Legal Mind is a valuable stepping stone to achieving a successful career in law.

In his spare time, Thomas is passionate about reading and films, and is currently pursuing amateur photography.


Katharine Strange, City Law School

Katherine is studying for her Graduate Diploma in Law. Katharine already has two years of legal experience under her belt, after volunteering at her local Citizen’s Advice Bureau in Watford. She said: “I thoroughly enjoyed the process of researching and writing the essay, and it’s been a fantastic experience to develop my commercial awareness.”


Jane Taylor, University of Westminster

Jane Taylor is studying her graduate diploma in law and is a student and supply planner. Jane speaks fluent French and Italian and, coupled with her customer service experience, she believes that this can give her the edge in the competitive legal industry.


Charlotte Werner, University of Exeter

Charlotte Werner’s interest in law spans from a focus towards under-represented groups, through to the current inquiry into workplace dress codes. She says that being recognised by Future Legal Mind will provide her with a stepping stone into her legal career.

Charlotte, who also recently appeared on Sky One’s Got to Dance, said: “It is a real honour to be shortlisted for such a prestigious national award, not least because the topic is so relevant in the current climate.”

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